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Air Filter Regulator

Air Filter Regulator YT-200

Design features:

• Stable Output and repeatability. Provides constant
control under variable flow rates and supply pressures.
• Relief flow capability. Discharges pressure if outer
pressure is higher than set pressure.
• Lightweight and compact size. Reduces
installation costs.
• 5-micron filter. Protects pneumatic instruments
from dirty air.
• Manual or Auto Draining Option

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About Air Filter Regulator YT-200:

Air filter regulator suitably reduces plant’s main air supply pressure and supplies to valve positioner(s) or a control device(s).

  • Maintain stable outlet pressure
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • 5-micron filter
  • Relief function – discharge pressure if outer pressure is higher than the set pressure


Air filter regulator, YT-200 / 205 / 220 / 225, receives the main supply air pressure and supplies to the
a desirable level of pressure to a positioner or other pneumatically operating devices.

Main Features and Functions

➢ Maintains desirable pressure level, regardless of fluctuation of the main supply pressure.
➢ 5-micron filter filters most particles in the main supply pressure.
➢ Relief function is available which discharges to the atmosphere if the output pressure is higher
than setting pressure.
➢ By using an aluminum or stainless steel body, it has high durability in various environments.
➢ Manual or Auto draining is available.



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