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IP Converter YT-930 Rotork YTC

YT930 IP Converter accurately provides equipment with relevant air pressure, according to input signal of 4~20mA being delivered from the controller.

  • High accuracy and sensitivity
  • Simple zero and span adjustment
  • Feedback Signal (Option)
  • Analog PID Control
  • Tubeless connection of YT-200, Air Regulator
  • Explosion Proof
  • No effect from mounting orientation

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About IP Converter:

According to the input signal of 4~20mA supplied from the controller, the YT930 IP Converter accurately provides equipment with the relevant air pressure.

Strong precision and sensitivity
Quick Adjustment of zero and period
Signal of Feedback (Option)
PID Analog Power
YT-200 Tubeless Link, Air Regulator
Blast Proof
No mounting orientation impact



YT-930 IP converter receives 4~20mA DC signal from the control room and outputs 0.02 ~ 0.1 MPa
signal to pneumatic-pneumatic positioner to operate a control valve system. YT-930 is designed to be
used in Ex ia IIC T5/T6 intrinsic safety or non-explosion proof environment.
2.2 Main Features and Functions
➢ Low air consumption level yields to lower plant operating cost.
➢ A wide range of uses with IP66 protection grade.
➢ Can be used at low voltage (8.5 V) and can be compatible with most general controllers.
➢ Polyester painting makes the product strong against corrosion environment.
➢ Easy dial adjustment for Zero and Span.
➢ Modularized inner parts make maintenance easy and simple.
➢ I/P converter operates normally during sudden changes in supply pressure and/or high vibration
➢ Air filter regulator <YT-200 series> can be directly installed without any pneumatic piping.
➢ DA and RA can be set for the output pressure relative to the input current signal by a simple switch
➢ DA and RA can be set for the feedback signal relative to the output pressure by simple switch
operation. (Only feedback signal option)


specification IT Converter










specification IP Converter


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